Book Notes


For anyone who is interested, I have placed the introduction and first two chapters of my book (very much still in progress) on the “The Thrill of Hope” page, which can be accessed by the link on the top of this web site or on the side margin.

My book is about reconnecting believers with the joyful hope ahead for them in eternity. The truths of Scripture regarding our destiny provide great comfort for the frustrations and anxieties of this life. I believe the hope of eternity, so prevalent throughout the New Testament, can help heal our deepest fears. It did so for me.

Right now, the title of the book is The Thrill of Hope, but I am thinking about changing it to Comforted by Eternity.

If you are so brave and highly courageous as to read any of my sample chapters, excerpts of which have appeared in some of my previous posts, let me know if you see any typos or grammatical mistakes or things that do not make sense. Maybe something just needs to be deleted.

Does the book has the potential to speak to people who are hurting and fearful?

And, do you think Comforted by Eternity is a better title?

Please, please feel free to ignore this post. If only a handful of my readers look at a chapter or two, that would be great.

In the future, subsequent chapters may also appear on this page.

Thanks so much!

One thought on “Book Notes

  1. Lenna November 29, 2016 / 4:17 pm

    I’m sure someone else spotted it but the quote from JIPacker’s book has form instead of from. I have been actively watching for Christ’s return since 1962. I have avidly studied escotology since the late 60’s, but I now cling daily to our blessed hope as my one life line in this world. Without going into too much detail, I suffer from a debilitating, painful chronic illness that is seeping away everything I am and reduced me to a helpless shell of my former self. This daily death walk I live has set my eyes on the glory that is coming in ways that the years of study could not. With each new loss of vital body functions, it is so reassuring to focus on the new body, to be free of pain and disability. I cannot imagine how one would endure this kind of life without our glorious hope.


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