What’s Your Destination?


It seemed so simple. We would send our letter and earnest check for our new home in Illinois via certified mail. Our purchase contract for our new house allowed several days for the check to arrive.

After double-checking the address my realtor had provided, I took the letter to the post office in North Liberty, Iowa on March 30. The kind young man at the counter gave me the tracking information and said our check would be at its destination in Rockford, Illinois on Monday, April 2. I felt confident the check would arrive on time.

On April 2, I entered the tracking information only to discover that our certified mail was in the small town of Wellman, Iowa. After the tracking remained unchanged for a couple days, I went back to the North Liberty post office to find out what happened.

A helpful lady at the post office discovered that our mail had gotten stuck to another piece of mail that was headed for Wellman and had ended up there as well. She assured me that my letter had been sent back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the main hub in our area) and would soon arrive at its destination in Rockford.

The tracking, however, remained unchanged for four and a half days. Who knows what sights and sounds of America our letter and check enjoyed during this time?

Eventually, I wrote another check this time sending it via UPS, not the post office. Because we needed to make sure it got there by April 9, our realtor said to do this so we could be certain of its arrival.

Shortly after walking out of the UPS facility, our initial mailing mysteriously showed up again on the United States Mail tracking site. It was in Palatine, IL. This brought some relief knowing it was not hopelessly lost or the check in the wrong hands. At this point it seemed likely that the title company would now end up with two checks.

Clearly, this piece of mail had a love for Iowa and just refused to remain anywhere else.

After experiencing the wonders of a couple post offices in the Chicago suburbs, our mailing inexplicably found its way back to Cedar Rapids for a third time on its adventurous journey. After that, it went back to Wellman; no one can explain why it ended up back there. Clearly, this piece of mail had a love for Iowa and just refused to remain anywhere else.

Is not this experience like so many of our hopes and expectations for this life? Despite all our anticipation, they never quite fulfill their promise or take us to the place we hoped they would.

I am not saying that all earthly hopes disappoint us, not at all. However, even when the dearest of our dreams come true for us we eventually realize they are only temporary just like the rest of our life here on this earth.

This is why our hopes for eternity can bring us so much joy and relief. A joyous and eternal destination awaits for all who know Jesus as their Savior. We will not be disappointed.

When Jesus appears, He will give us wondrous glorified bodies that will no longer be subject to the pains and aging of this life. Revelation 21:4 promises that we are headed for an eternity where Jesus “will wipe away every tear from their [our] eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore . . . .”

Unlike the check the check I sent that seemingly would have endlessly toured the Midwest never arriving at its destination, Jesus will not fail to bring His followers to their intended destination, the joyous and wondrous place He is now preparing for us. He is surely coming to take us home, perhaps very soon!

We can absolutely count on Him to fulfill our hopes beyond what we could ever imagine. He will not fail to get us to our appointed place and despite the seeming delay in His appearing, He will be on time.

What is your ultimate destination? Who or what are you counting on to get you there?



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Destination?

  1. Sherry April 12, 2018 / 6:38 pm

    What a wonderful surprise to see you are moving to my town! I just subscribed to your site earlier today. Maybe we will meet up here, but it seems I may be meeting you and your family when we are truly Home. God bless you and Maranatha! \o/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jonathan C Brentner April 13, 2018 / 7:52 am

      Thanks! We are moving to Roscoe, IL on June 1; the title company is in Rockford. I grew up and Rockford and still have several family members in the area. We also have family members is southern Wisconsin. So moving back to the Rockford area is moving back home in many ways.

      Thanks so much for following my blog!!!!

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      • Sherry April 13, 2018 / 8:10 am

        YW! God bless you in all that you do for His Kingdom, by His power and for His glory, amen! \o/


  2. Ed April 13, 2018 / 9:16 am

    We mailed a package from here in Colorado Springs to Marshall, Missouri, earlier this year. It’s a simple trip, right down Interstate 70 about 11 hours, but the mail does not go that way. After flying out of Denver, it ended up in “Provenance Unknown” for a week. At least that’s what the tracking said. Only after I wrote a somewhat nasty email to the Post Office with the tracking number and the question of where this location was and why the package was there, did it suddenly get delivered to its destination the next day. To be fair, that makes us 2 for 3 on “smooth” package deliveries this year through USPS. Two packages that travelled further arrived with no problems. Hopefully the rest of the your move is uneventful, but like life, that will probably not be the case. Godspeed!

    P.S. I had another writer whose post office was Palatine, Illinois, and she had nothing but trouble with them. She moved.


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