Who and Why


The purpose of this blog is to call believers to a new perspective, to an eternal outlook on life. With the signs of Jesus’ return increasing every day, it is important that we look away from this life for our hope. Jesus’ appearing to take us home is our hope, one that will not disappoint.

Yet, sadly we hear a different voice even in our churches. While many pastors criticize Joel Osteen’s book, Your Best Life Now, they preach a sanctified version of his book each Sunday with sermons that ignore the believers’ hope in Jesus appearing and focus solely on this life. Yes, it is essential to be taught biblical principles for life today, but when such teaching ignores our eternal hope it turns our attention to earthly goals where disappointment looms.

This is my burden for believers and the church today: to bring back a two-world perspective so that we are looking to Jesus’ return for his church as our one and only hope. My desire is to not only encourage believers in their hope, but to also give them confidence in what they believe. With society and even some pastors acting as cheerleaders for the moment, we need a different voice pointing upward to realities not seen, yet eternal.

I am in the process of writing a book, The Thrill of Hope, to share my struggles with such an eternal perspective and how the Lord Jesus healed deep wounds of my past as I learned to look again to Jesus’ appearing as my one true hope. In the book I desire to give hope to believers as well as confidence in what we believe through a defense of premillennialism and our hope in the imminent appearing of Jesus.

JB and Ruth

By the way, my name is Jonathan C. Brentner and I am married to the love of my life, Ruth Brentner. We live in North Liberty, Iowa.

I am a graduate of John Brown University and Talbot Seminary. I served as the pastor of a couple churches before pursuing a different path.

I recently retired after a long career as a financial analyst. My background also includes writing adult curriculum for David C. Cook since the summer of 1984. I am currently an aspiring author hoping to publish books that encourage Christians to live with a two-world perspective.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow my page so you can receive updates as we both grow in developing a two-world perspective.