About My Blog

The purpose of this blog is to point followers of Christ to the joyous hope of eternity that is theirs because of Him. Such a jubilant anticipation comes from a two-world perspective that weighs the temporal things of earth against the unending glory, total wholeness, and restoration they will one day experience. Whether we battle anxieties, bitterness, a desire to get even, or greed, such an expectant walk with the Lord turns our minds and hearts away from such feelings, breathes hope into the worst of our days, and brings healing to the deepest wounds of our hearts.

Because of my desire to encourage believers in their journey home, I have written a a book titled A hope-Filled Life for which I am currently seeking a publisher.

To encourage others regarding the pitfalls of our journey, I have also written the book Shipwrecked! Learning from the Bible Bad Guys. This book is available on Amazon and the Bold Vision Books Website.


Shipwrecked!, provides an in-depth examination of the lives of several Bible Bad Guys. My purpose in writing about these notorious characters is not to point fingers of blame at them, but rather to identify with the emotions that drove them inward rather than upward to the Lord. Because of their earthbound focus, most of these guys made terrible decisions amidst the disappointments and pain in their lives. In Shipwrecked!, I teach the importance remaining faithful to God amidst adversity, personal injury, and desires for fame and fortune. Such a renewed heavenward focus enables us to avoid the disasters, aka the shipwrecks, which overcame these Bible bad guys.


My interest in writing started during my six years as a senior pastor when I had the opportunity to write adult Sunday school curriculum for David C. Cook. That was the summer of 1984 and I still produce Bible lessons for them.

When painful circumstances led to a change of careers after six years as a pastor, I returned to school to pursue an MBA degree with an emphasis in accounting and Finance. I graduated with the degree in 1990 and worked my way up to a position as a Senior Financial Analyst at the company where I worked.

After over twenty years in that career, I retired in June of 2016 to pursue my passion for writing on a full-time basis.


In addition to my writing and teaching, I lead a small group from our church made up of wonderful people that meet each Thursday night in our home. I have also taught a class at my church on future things.

I live in North Liberty, Iowa with my charming wife Ruth. Together we have five children and ten grandchildren scattered about Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Texas.

JB and Ruth